Hui An Conveyancing Office 



  • Registration of Sale, Inheritance, Gift, Auction, Exchange and Deletion

  • Registration and planning of Property Trust 

  • Registration of Division and Merger of Common Property(Including Article 34(1) of the Land Act of Disposal of Common Land)

  • Registration of Administrator and Inheritance

  • Merger of Financial Institution—Registration of Merger and Assignment of the Legal Entity

  • Registration of Merger, Public Tender and Division of the Legal Entity by Corporation

  • Registration of assignment of the hypothecation of NPL that is purchased by an AMC from a bank

  • Delivery of Real Estate (Including Collateral Pledge or Trading cases)

  • Registration of the Ownership of Building (including registration of new construction project by batch or separately)

  • Registration of Urban Renewal and Changes in land rights

  • Investigation of Property right—Investigation of related right of real estate and Application of issuance of Transcript, Design and Zoning

  • Bank Loan—Application of any kinds of bank loan

  • Management of any kinds of real estate taxes

Every kind of Tax Act is different, and the best service only comes from the most professional office. For example, the application of tax refunds due to repurchase of another self-use residence and the beneficial tax rate for self-use residence could save taxpayer from paying too many Land Value Increment Taxes. Another example is that, taxpayer could also save on deed taxes through exchanging real estate.

  • Management of Estate, Gift and Income taxes  

From planning in advance, to declaration, offset of tax payment in kind and application of  distribution of the remaining property, we offer one-stop service in order to save the most for you.

  • Administrative remedy of registration of land and real estate taxes

When the customer faces illegal or improper administrative action, we will file for administrative litigation or administrative remedy as an Agent ad litem.

  • Registration of court/bank auctioned houses and Application of integrated bank Loan

Purchasing cheap court/bank auctioned houses is a nice choice, however its complicated related regulations and the delivery problem may make you step bake. We provide you the service of agential bidding, to help lower your risks and costs.

  • Debt liquidation and consultation Service
  • Solving for clients any problem in the real estate